The ScalarDB Cluster .NET Client SDK supports ScalarDB Auth, which allows you to authenticate and authorize your requests to ScalarDB Cluster.

Set credentials in ScalarDbOptions

First, you need to get a transaction manager or transaction admin object with credentials by using TransactionFactory as follows, replacing the contents in the angle brackets as described. Also, be sure to replace <GET_TRANSACTION_MANAGER> with GetTransactionManager(), GetTwoPhaseCommitTransactionManager(), GetSqlTransactionManager(), or GetSqlTwoPhaseCommitTransactionManager().

var scalarDbOptions = new ScalarDbOptions
                         Address = "http://<HOSTNAME_OR_IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT>",
                         HopLimit = 10,
                         AuthEnabled = true,
                         Username = "<USERNAME>",
                         Password = "<PASSWORD>"
var factory = TransactionFactory.Create(scalarDbOptions);

// To get a transaction manager
using var manager = factory.<GET_TRANSACTION_MANAGER>();

// To get a transaction admin
using var admin = factory.GetTransactionAdmin();

A transaction manager or transaction admin object created from TransactionFactory with the provided credentials will automatically log in to ScalarDB Cluster and can communicate with it.