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Version: 3.12

Version Compatibility of ScalarDB Analytics with Spark

Since Spark and Scala may be incompatible among different minor versions, ScalarDB Analytics with Spark offers different artifacts for various Spark and Scala versions, named in the format scalardb-analytics-spark-<SPARK_VERSION>_<SCALA_VERSION>. Make sure that you select the artifact matching the Spark and Scala versions you're using. For example, if you're using Spark 3.5 with Scala 2.13, you must specify scalardb-analytics-spark-3.5_2.13.

Regarding the Java version, ScalarDB Analytics with Spark supports Java 8 or later.

The following is a list of Spark and Scalar versions supported by each version of ScalarDB Analytics with Spark.

ScalarDB Analytics with Spark VersionScalarDB VersionSpark Versions SupportedScala Versions SupportedMinimum Java Version, 3.42.13, 2.128