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Version: 3.12

Getting Started with ScalarDB Auth by Using ScalarDB Cluster .NET Client SDK

The ScalarDB Cluster .NET Client SDK supports ScalarDB Auth, which allows you to authenticate and authorize your requests to ScalarDB Cluster.

Set credentials in ScalarDbOptions

First, you need to get a transaction manager or transaction admin object with credentials by using TransactionFactory as follows, replacing the contents in the angle brackets as described. Also, be sure to replace <GET_TRANSACTION_MANAGER> with GetTransactionManager(), GetTwoPhaseCommitTransactionManager(), GetSqlTransactionManager(), or GetSqlTwoPhaseCommitTransactionManager().

var scalarDbOptions = new ScalarDbOptions
Address = "http://<HOSTNAME_OR_IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT>",
HopLimit = 10,
AuthEnabled = true,
Username = "<USERNAME>",
Password = "<PASSWORD>"
var factory = TransactionFactory.Create(scalarDbOptions);

// To get a transaction manager
using var manager = factory.<GET_TRANSACTION_MANAGER>();

// To get a transaction admin
using var admin = factory.GetTransactionAdmin();

A transaction manager or transaction admin object created from TransactionFactory with the provided credentials will automatically log in to ScalarDB Cluster and can communicate with it.