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Version: 3.12

ScalarDB Cluster Configurations

This document describes the configurations for ScalarDB Cluster. ScalarDB Cluster consists of multiple cluster nodes, and you need to configure each cluster node.

In addition to the configurations described in Transaction manager configurations and Other configurations, you can configure the following configurations for each cluster node.

Basic configurations

The basic configurations for a cluster node are as follows:

scalar.db.cluster.membership.typeMembership type. Currently, only KUBERNETES can be specified.KUBERNETES
scalar.db.cluster.membership.kubernetes.endpoint.namespace_nameThis configuration is for the KUBERNETES membership type. Namespace name for the endpoint resource.default
scalar.db.cluster.membership.kubernetes.endpoint.nameThis configuration is for the KUBERNETES membership type. Name of the endpoint resource to get the membership info.
scalar.db.cluster.node.decommissioning_duration_secsDecommissioning duration in seconds.30
scalar.db.cluster.node.grpc.max_inbound_message_sizeMaximum message size allowed to be received.The gRPC default value
scalar.db.cluster.node.grpc.max_inbound_metadata_sizeMaximum size of metadata allowed to be received.The gRPC default value
scalar.db.cluster.node.portPort number of the ScalarDB Cluster node.60053
scalar.db.cluster.node.prometheus_exporter_portPort number of the Prometheus exporter.9080
scalar.db.cluster.grpc.deadline_duration_millisDeadline duration for gRPC in milliseconds.60000 (60 seconds)
scalar.db.cluster.node.standalone_mode.enabledWhether standalone mode is enabled. Note that if standalone mode is enabled, the membership configurations (scalar.db.cluster.membership.*) will be ignored.false

ScalarDB Cluster GraphQL Configurations

The configurations for ScalarDB Cluster GraphQL are as follows:

scalar.db.graphql.enabledWhether ScalarDB Cluster GraphQL is enabled.false
scalar.db.graphql.portPort number of the GraphQL server.8080
scalar.db.graphql.pathPath component of the URL of the GraphQL endpoint./graphql
scalar.db.graphql.namespacesComma-separated list of namespaces of tables for which the GraphQL server generates a schema. Note that at least one namespace is required.
scalar.db.graphql.graphiqlWhether the GraphQL server serves GraphiQL IDE.true
scalar.db.graphql.schema_checking_interval_millisInterval in milliseconds at which GraphQL server will rebuild the GraphQL schema if any change is detected in the ScalarDB schema.30000 (30 seconds)

ScalarDB Cluster SQL Configurations

The configurations for ScalarDB Cluster SQL are as follows:

scalar.db.sql.enabledWhether ScalarDB Cluster SQL is enabled.false
scalar.db.sql.statement_cache.enabledEnable the statement cache.false
scalar.db.sql.statement_cache.sizeMaximum number of cached statements.100